Who are we

“Sun Front Webseytu” is an online sales platform developed by Sun Front Pvt. Ltd. The main purpose of “Webseytu” is to provide a user friendly online platform which will offer a limited number of products selected from Sun Front’s full range products. Sun Front will endeavor to make every necessary change to the “Webseytu” in order to make its customers buying experience easy, reliable, comfortable and trustworthy.

Sun Front has also planned to offer a selection of additional and seasonal products exclusively in “Webseytu”.

“Webseytu” was soft-launched on 6th March 2021, to allow customers to enjoy the annual “Miracle Sale” for purchasing a wide range of furniture and related products with great discounts.

The main purpose to soft-launch “Webseytu” especially for “Miracle Sale 2021” is due to the HPA’s COVID-19 restrictions imposed on travelling and also to ensure the safety of customers and our employees. We believe that most of our customers will have difficulties in visiting our showroom “Sun Front Livin”.

Since its establishment in 1989, Sun Front has been a well known and a reliable brand in Maldives. Sun Front takes full responsibility of its online shopping platform “webseytu.com”.

Trust Sun Front. Trust webseytu.com

For more information please visit www.sunfront.com.mv